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Yanna Darili
Γιάννα Ντάριλη
Alma mater Queens College
Occupation model, actress, journalist, producer, television presenter, fitness expert
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

Yanna Darili (Greek:Γιάννα Ντάριλη) is an American-Greek modelactressjournalistproducertelevision presenter and fitness expert of Greek descent. She is best known for her fitness segments on ANT1 Greek morning show “Proinos Kafes” as well as host of the first English language ERT show “Hellenic Weekly”.[1] She was master of ceremonies of the pre-game Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympics. She is also known for her guest appearances on the Today show during the Athens 2004 Olympics hosted by Katie Couric.

Her extensive career includes; on air talent, writing and directing over 80 travel and cooking features on Greece. Yanna shares her travel experience as a contributor to the huffingtonpost.com, and health and fitness articles on thriveglobal.com . Her latest appearance as Host of the PBS Series “Mediterranean Blue” aired nationwide on various PBS affiliates. Yanna also organizes and moderates panels for the United Nations, SRC, Salus Club. Yanna recently became an ambassador for the Integrated Nutrition Institute and is a certified Health Coach & Integrated Nutritionist. Yanna Darili organizes and Moderates Mens Health Panel at United Nations RSC https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/27365-united-nations-src-salus-wellness-held-panel-on-the-future-of-women-s-health

As of August 2012, Yanna Darili headed up a private investment group acquiring New Greek TV a Greek-American television station on Time Warner Cable.[2]


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